Do you want to work with a supplier, or people who share your vision?

We work with SME’s to help them become more effective at digital marketing

Areas of expertise:

  • Branding & Advertising Creative Direction

  • Business Leadership

  • Content Production

  • Copywriting

  • Creative technology direction

  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital CRM

  • Digital Experience Direction

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Innovation Leadership

  • Marketing Direction

  • Marketing Technology Selection

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Social Media Content Production

  • Social Media Planning

  • Strategic Direction

  • Technical Leadership

  • Website Development

Two ways to make digital marketing work for you:

Strategy first

In this approach we start with a deep dive into both your business and marketing aims, producing a digital marketing engagement strategy for the business.

Then, as you implement the strategy, we work with you to optimise your activity to the point where the campaigns follow very clearly defined frameworks that always deliver results.

This approach is best for SMEs that have either never done digital marketing before or their marketing has simply stopped working for them.

Learn and optimise

This approach is more suitable for SMEs who are already using digital marketing but bot getting the results they want or expect and know there is room for improvement.

Rather than develop a complete strategy, the aim is to work with the frameworks that have already been set up and look to make incremental improvements.

These improvements will be in your creative approach, the way you target your audience and the tools you use to manage your campaigns.


Whichever approach is used, the first thing to understand is that Airlab is not an agency.

We act as your internal partner passing on our knowledge so that you can either build your inhouse capabilities or become better at working with your supplier agencies. 

The three pillars

Successful marketing is a sweet spot found when you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

We believe in creative ideas that are shaped around the audience’s needs and desires.


In the digital age, content is only good enough if someone wants to share it.


Knowing your audience and where to find them is crucial to your marketing success.

Airlab is a digital marketing consultancy led by Ian Malone. The work you see in the portfolio is the product of his and others’ involvement in, and leadership of, the following businesses and organisations:

We Are Apps logo

Mobile application development studio

We Are Apps was launched by Ian Malone and Ana Monzon in March 2010 as the first business within the Fearless Ideas portfolio. The business quickly grew and overtook Fearless, building mobile and web apps for Avon, Cadbury, Ford, McDonalds, Penguin Random House, Westfield and other major brands.

It also works with SMEs and startups and advertising agencies working with brands. The experience mix is roughly equal between consumer and enterprise/B2B apps and is mainly focussed on mobile iOS and Android applications and the backend systems that are often required to provide their content and services.

Within a few years of launch the studio had won a number of awards, the greatest being, from an industry perspective, the rocognition that one of We Are Apps’ client apps, Great British Chefs, being awarded an ‘App of the Year’ accolade by Apple.

Biker and Bike logo

Biker’s website with a social purpose

Biker & Bike is a website for motorcycle riders. Launched in October 2016, within four months over 1 million people have viewed and read its output on its own website and social media. The brand is unique in the motorcycle industry media in that, as well as the usual product reviews and leisure content, there is a heavy emphasis on social causes involving bikers – specifically the lack of recognition of the motorcyclist in road safety planning and the current epidemic state of motorcycle theft in the UK – both of which are forcing many riders off the roads.

The aim of the website is to help bikers get more out of their passion – ‘You and your bike sorted’ – by offering great advice, tips, money saving initiatives and access to great riding routes, as well as defending their rights. This is monetised by multiple different revenue streams, including brand involvement, direct sales and referral fees driven by its content.

Man in airport using smart phone

Proximity marketing platform

Airspace is a software product built and marketed by We Are Apps. The purpose of the platform is to enable physical locations – retail stores, stadia, airports, showrooms – to reach out and interact with visitors in the location, via their smartphones.

Using a combination of bluetooth technology, native mobile apps and a web-based content management system, users of the platform can engage their instore app users with and learn insights for their behaviour and preferences as they move around, and interact with, the location. Airspace calls this ‘Location Intelligence’.

The Airspace platform is entirely produced in-house by the We Are Apps team and marketed through the website and in partnership with digital agencies.

Speaker at workshop

Workshops for startup entrepreneurs

PitchUp is a voluntary organisation that was launched to help very early stage entrepreneurs become better at pitching their businesses to both investors and new business targets.

The format is very simple: Startups pitch their ‘deck’ presentation to a room comprised of three mentors, all experienced entrepreneurs themselves, and a crowd of 30-100 other startups, entrepreneurs and potential investors. They get three minutes to pitch – the standard time in pitching competitions. However, this is not a competition but a safe environment in which to fail and learn with no risk.

After their pitch the mentors give their advice and insights from their own experiences. Then the startup is opened out to the crowd, to source more advice and options. It is, in effect, an accelerator for presenting skills.

Fearless Featured Image

Creative agency

Following a five-year stint as the Digital Creative Director of the SOUK agency Ian Malone and Ana Monzon launched Fearless Ideas to combine their creative backgrounds as a film maker and a creative director. The idea was to use their skills with both small brands and startups to accelerate their progress through effective marketing.

The portfolio showreel on the home page of the website is the product of the partner’s previous work as both freelance filmakers and digital design and advertising experts.

The digital marketing expertise is further demonstrated in the ‘Latest’ section of the website, which features mainly work produced by Ian Malone in his roles as a Digital Creative Director with the SOUK advertising agency.

Advertising agency

Much of the non-mobile work seen in the portfolio section of Airlab is the product of Ian Malone in his role as Digital Creative Director at SOUK, as position he held for five years.

SOUK is an advertising agency with a focus on travel marketing. The work, mostly websites and interactive digital marketing campaigns, was created for major travel brands including Continental Airlines, Flybe and Haven Holidays, however smaller brands, such as the Cayman Islands also feature in the portfolio, as do non travel brands such as the North of England Development Agency, Tesco, Thorntons and charities including the RNIB.

The relationship continues to today where Airspace works in partnership with SOUK to provide proximity marketing solutions to their client Glasgow Airport.