A cloud-based platform for proximity marketing to nearby smartphones

Airspace retail proximity platform

  • Branding
  • Mobile application development
  • Product development
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing direction,
  • Production and development
  • Website development

Airspace enables physical locations to reach in-store visitors directly through their smartphones to engage them in a deeper way than a mobile website or basic app. In return, the business receives valuable insights on their customers.

It works by using low cost beacon technology to understand the smartphone user’s precise location in a physical space, then delivers content managed through the cloud.

Developed from the ground up, the product – a location content management system, analytics dashboard, mobile app SDK’s and template app frameworks – has found a perfect product/market fit with businesses that have a captive market: Airports, Cruise Ships, Ski and all-inclusive resorts, where delivering a higher digital experience to the visitor brings multiple business benefits.

The flexibility of the platform means that users can use the system to develop experiences involving video, images, weblinks and with extra development, augmented reality. These can be updated in near real-time.

Simple campaigns can also be created using the platforms WYSIWYG editor, meaning location users can take direct control of the content seen within their venue.

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Proximity Marketing system

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Proximity Marketing system

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