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A bikers’ brand with a social purpose
Biker & Bike is both a website and a number of social media channels, focussing primarily on Facebook. In the first 3 months since launch, the brand’s content has been viewed by nearly 1 million people and it is already making an impact throughout the motorcycle industry.

Bikers – from the guy delivering his first pizzas to the octogenarian still riding after 60 years are, despite the image, a vulnerable bunch.

Prone to exploitation by insurance companies and poorly-made motorcycle security products, vulnerable to accidents that put their lives at risk, and an easy target for thieves, there was no one single site that gave them independent unbiased advice and tips, until we developed

Using social media and the website (and soon mobile apps) Biker & Bike has a unique voice and a very singular mission – to get bikers and their bikes sorted, through great content, accurate advice and special deals to save them money.

To do this, a number of unique products are being developed, from databases of stolen motorcycle geodata to bidding engines for bike dealerships looking to give bikers great deals on vehicles and accessories.

From this base, the brand will grow to help bikers get more out of their biking by offering a wealth of content and physical experiences based around motorcycle leisure activities – mainly touring but also covering ‘enduro’ off-road events, track day riding and festivals.

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