iPad app for Ford

Experiential iPad application

Shortly after We Are Apps revealed the demo for Cucumber app, London experiential agency Imagination were in touch to discuss our computer vision capabilities.

Their client, Ford, were looking for something that would transform visitor experiences on┬ácar stands placed in shopping centres. Imagination’s idea would be for an iPad app that got across the feeling of space, innovation and style that could be found in the new Ford B-Max, MPV.

Imagination supplied the visuals, leaving We Are Apps with the task of replacing the user’s background with a brand new visual – a beach in the Caribbean being popular. This had to be done with minimal reliance on a green screen as lighting conditions could not be controlled and would be different between the various shopping centres and dealerships the activity would take place in.

A technical challenge alright. But delivered on time and on budget.

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Ford iPad application

Users stand in front of the iPad, select a background, then share on social media

Ford iPad application