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The team behind Great British Chefs hadn’t even launched their own website when they approached We Are Apps to create ‘the new benchmark for recipe apps’.

GBC represented some of the finest restaurant chefs in the UK, and needed a platform that would do not only¬†the chefs’ work justice but would help to build the brand¬†itself.

Thanks in no small part to the stunning photography GBC supplied us to work with, we developed a template for iPhone and iPad that was attractive to look at, intuitive to use and fluid in operation. This template then became the basis for a series of Great British Chefs apps

In probably our proudest moment, the second of those apps, Great British Chefs’ Summertime’ was credited with being one of Apple’s App Store Apps of the Year. Other apps in the series also won awards and featured regularly in the Sunday Times’ Annual Best Apps.

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Great British Chefs App for iPad

GBC on iOS devices

GBC iPad app

GBC iPad app

GBC iPad app