MallowStreet GO

HTML5 mobile app for financial advisors

MallowStreet has built a superb community of financial advisors online. On the website, IFAs could connect with each other, share content and read articles on the latest developments in financial advice provision.

However, many users were trying to access the site via mobile devices and the experience wasn’t the premium offering MallowStreet wanted to deliver. Even with a responsive site, the IFAs, often busy commuters, were suffering from content that took time to load and poor network connections.

The answer was to develop a native application, in HTML5 so that many OS platforms could be covered. Content could be saved to the app for reading offline. Content that the user created when offline could also be saved and posted to the community when a connection was available.

Crucially, even though the content was delivered via web technology, the design needed to be as close to a native application as possible.

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