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Following a £70 million refurbishment, the Radisson Edwardian Hotel client decided the May Fair Hotel deserved its own website.

The unique style of the hotel would have been ruined by any design that tried either to match or compete with the interior design that would inevitably be the best way of selling the experience itself.

A simple, almost-black layout with minimal structure allows the photography to really sing out and put user navigation first.

A vital part of the brief was to ensure a booking enquiry could be made from any page on the site, without the booking module impacting on the photography that would be the best way of actually generating interest in staying at the hotel.

However, some rooms can’t be booked online. There are some suites at The May Fair Hotel that costs many thousands of pounds per night, although you won’t find any prices on the website. Radsisson Edwardian needed a stand-alone site from the May Fair Hotel site as standard and deluxe bedrooms are sold in a very different way to suites.

The Suites Collection idea was developed to give the suites a separate identity and visitors a quick way to see the range of suites on offer. It unlikely that the guests who will actually be staying in the room will be the same people using the website.

The site has been designed for the PA’s, security directors and tour managers who are looking after the guests and as such we needed to not only make the suites look attractive but we had to deliver the large amounts of factual information needed by the managers to organise their charge’s stay – security details, including floor maps, catering facilities, audio and video specifications and more.

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May Fair website homepage design

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The high end suites had their own microsite