North of England Development Agency

Online advertising campaign

The North of England, or NoE as it became known, is a regional development agency tasked with bringing inward investment into the UK’s northern counties, and they tasked SOUK with creating an interactive advertising campaign that would bring the area to the attention of busy executives looking for a dynamic region in which to invest.

The various banners in the campaign featured the headline ‘Success Follows Success’ morphing to from a success story delivered by the North of England. This was based on a strategy of being the most successful region of the world you’ve never heard of.

In one execution, you can interact with the banner to play a simple fighting game to demonstrate the huge experience the region has in designing video games.

The banner not only received the highest number of clickthroughs of the campaign, but the dwell times of the subsequent visits to the site were longer too. This is quite an achievement considering the target audience was busy, high level US executives in control of substantial businesses.

The campaign was so successful the development agency increased the budget, allowing us to make video banners, again lifting interaction engagement to new levels.

Click the image above to play the game