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PitchUp is a regular series of ‘crowd-sourced’ workshops for entrepreneurs. The idea is simple, make the experience and wisdom of proven startup entrepreneurs + plus the collective insight of the audience available to startups in a quick fire environment that will accelerate the startup’s progress.
In each session, PitchUp enables between six and ten startups to present their pitch decks in just 3 minutes – the standard time given in pitch competitions. They then receive 10 minutes of advice, tips and recommendations from mentors before handing over to the crowd to get their input.
In this 15-minute exercise, free to all participants, both startups and entrepreneurs in the crowd come away with a clearer understanding of what is expected from them to achieve both funding and business objectives. In addition, many relationships are established during before-and-after networking sessions. It is, in effect, a micro-accelerator.
The format has also been adapted for use by corporates and agencies as a way of using the methodology to generate innovate within the organisation.
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